TWENTY YEARS AGO, Third and Long opened in the charming neighborhood we call  Murray Hill.  Back in 1991, the social climate of the neighborhood was much different than it is today.  For starters, we were the only bar on the block. Second, the average age of the individual living in the neighborhood was approximately 50 years old (seriously).

So when you're a couple of young guys fresh out of college and trying to establish yourselves by opening a bar in Midtown Manhattan,with an aging demographic as your neighbors, these are some fairly difficult obstacles you find yourselves facing.  Add to the mix, the fact that your circle of friends are based out of the outer boroughs and you're going to have a tough go of it coming out of the gate.

But the Long Brothers weren't deterred by those obstacles and went ahead and opened up Third and Long.  And one of the first things they did when they opened in 1991 was establish "Dollar Draft Madness", where you were able to get a mug of beer for a buck on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Sort of a catchy way to get you to come in and check out the bar.  It was also a great special for young professionals just starting out; An opportunity to go out with co-workers on the cheap.  What started out as a temporary introductory special, turned into the longest-running drink special we ever had... until now.

The bar business is pretty fickle;  People's tastes change all the time and to be successful in this business, you have to roll with the changes.  With that being said, we were still able to provide our Dollar Draft Madness special every week for 20 years.  However, as of late, we've notice that demand for dollar drafts weren't the same as in the past.  And as much as we love tradition and are big fans of the weekly classic,  we're still a business and if the demand isn't there anymore, then it's time to introduce something else.  So as of the start of January 2012,  "Dollar Draft Madness" will be no more.

Silver lining to all of this:  You still have two weeks to enjoy Dollar Draft Madness: Tonight and next Tuesday night (12/27).  And we'll still have our "Kick the Keg Saturdays" and "Monday Night Delight" specials ($2 domestic draft mugs), so the mug special won't totally disappear.  And what's going to take the place of the long-running staple?  You'll have to check in with us in January to find out!

In the meantime,  gather up the crew and raise a mug one last time to DOLLAR DRAFT MADNESS!

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