With last week's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and yesterday's lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, New York City's holiday season is now in FULL EFFECT mode:

Of course, this meant that if you were anywhere near Midtown West, you were probably caught up in Gridlock Hell, with cars, taxis, tourists and hopeless romantics descending onto Rockefeller Center to be a part of the Tree Lighting Ceremony.  Adding to the chaos, President Barak Obama was in town for a series of fundraisers at the same time, which took him and his motorcade all over Manhattan, driving New Yorkers nuts in the process.

Personally, I file checking out the Tree Lighting Ceremony under the category (as well as Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade) of one of those events that you have to do at least ONCE in your lifetime, just to say you did it.  Otherwise, it's not worth the aggravation.

With the holiday season officially in effect, that means it's holiday party season!  We're looking forward to  decorating the bar in anticipation of hosting our fair share of holiday office and group parties.  Those are always fun to work as you never know what kind of antics will come from them.  Definitely entertaining from our point of view, that's for sure.

Let the festivities begin!

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Today is "Shaving Day" for the multitudes who participated in MOVEMBER, raising funds and awareness for Men's Prostate Cancer research!  I tip my hat to those of you who participated in fund-raising efforts and thank everyone who donated to the cause! Your support is invaluable!  The group we supported this year, TEAM PRESS STACHE of the FDNY Press Office (which includes MATT and JIM LONG) raised (as of yesterday) $2,901!   If you want to make a last minute donation to TEAM PRESS STACHE, click on the link and go to their Movember page!

DUANE READE OVERKILL!  Not sure if anyone has noticed but the Duane Reade on East 34th and 3rd has quietly expanded up East 34th Street. It took over the empty space that used to be Blockbuster Video and now it's HUGE!  I was actually told by one of the staff members that it is now the 3rd largest Duane Reade in the City of New York.  Again, it's HUGE! It literally has its own supermarket within the store.  And it's still 24 hours.

TONIGHT: Join us for a PAULANER beer promo (7pm) complete with samples & giveaways!  At the same time, catch the NY Rangers in action vs Carolina (7pm)! THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL features Philadelphia vs Seattle (8:30p) followed by Montreal vs San Jose (10:30p).  $4 Molson Canadian, Labatt Blue & Alexander Keith's bottles during ALL NHL Games!


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