It's going to be a pretty busy weekend here at the bar.  For starters, we have a private event booked for Saturday afternoon/early evening as a certain owner of a certain bar on East 35th and 3rd Avenue is tying the knot and then tying one on afterwards.  Should make for a great day/evening. (open to the public after 9:30pm).

Then there's a full slate of NFL games on tap for this week's edition of BREW CREW SUNDAYS.  It should be a nice bounceback day after last weekend's holiday hiatus.   Looking forward to the DOLFANS NYC crew to be back in action as well as the Sunday Brew Crew holding court in the Corner.  And with the weather expected to be nice again, it should be a fun day.

So I hope to see you at some point during the weekend- if not, you can read the recap on Monday!


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