So it appears I split on my weekend predictions in the NFL Playoffs.  Kudos to the GIANTS and SAINTS for their big wins and raspberries to the BENGALS and STEELERS for their epic meltdowns.  I guess the AFC North isn't the stud division it appeared to be.

Going into the weekend, the AFC North had 3 of the 6 playoff slots, so you would think that chances were strong that the AFC representative going to the Super Bowl would have come from that division.  But that was NOT the case as the Texans and Broncos had different plans in mind.  The biggest stunner of the four games this weekend was the Broncos upset of the Steelers in overtime, thanks to "Wonder Boy" Tim Tebow, who somehow discovered his passing touch, torching the Steel Curtain for (ironically enough) 316 yards and an 80 yd TD pass on the first play of OT (316 yards, 3:16 bible passage, get it?).  In any case, I BOLDLY predicted that the Steelers would crush the Broncos with no problem.  Boy I sure didn't see that upset coming.  Nor did probably 75% of the country.

Next weekend's games should be great.  Looking forward to all of them, especially the GIANTS vs PACKERS.  The last time those two teams played in the playoffs (2007), we had a rockin' time at the bar and if memory serves me correct, the Giants won that game (and we know how that season turned out).  How could you forget THAT Sunday?

I expect a repeat of that this Sunday, so you better get to the bar EARLY!

TONIGHT:  BCS Championship (LSU vs ALABAMA), 8pm with $2 domestic draft mugs ALL NIGHT LONG!


Anonymous said...

Actually the last time the Giants played the Packers, the Giants lost by 3 points, I do believe. Still gives reason to be confident though.

swandad said...

In the playoffs?