Now that the smoke has cleared and the playoff teams are in place, it's time for the real NFL season to kick in. Of course, we'll carry all of the games at the bar (w/audio), so it should make for a fun-filled weekend if you are a diehard NFL fan.

In case you're wondering who plays when, here's this weekend's schedule:


4:30pm: Houston Texans vs Cincinnati Bengals

8:00pm: Detroit Lions vs New Orleans Saints

Both matchups are intriguing for different reasons.   The first game features two rookie QB's and two pretty stout defenses, so this could turn out to be an ugly game.  I think the QB who makes the least amount of mistakes will carry their team to victory and a chance to play in Foxboro, MA next weekend.

The second game, interestingly enough, is the game I look forward to the most of the four games on tap.  NEW ORLEANS vs DETROIT. offers up all kinds of firepower between two domed-stadium teams.  N.O. is on a serious roll with a very hot Drew Brees leading the way; however, DET is no slouch in the offense dept and has not shown any fear for the top teams.  If their young studs can keep their heads in the game on both sides of the ball, this could turn out to be one heck of a game.


1pm: New York Giants vs Atlanta Falcons

4pm: Denver Broncos vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Again, two intriguing matchups.  The first game features the local team with whom everyone is thrilled with.  After two big victories over rival teams, everyone (in NYC at least) think that the Giants are tailor-made for a long run in the NFC playoffs.  With the "Other" Manning finally playing well and the new hero Victor Cruz catching any and everything thrown his way, it appears that the Giants are on a major roll.  However, one should not underestimate the Falcons.  Yes, they were blown out by New Orleans a couple of weeks ago but they are still a dangerous team, as they demonstrated in last week's thrashing of the Panthers.  They also have a great (yet underrated) QB, a strong running game and a pair of stud WR's.  This game is going to be much closer than most people think....

As for the other game... I'll keep this short.  Pittsburgh will end the Tebow mystique once and for all.  And yes, it will be ugly.  Denver does not deserve to be in the playoffs, backing in the way they did.  But at the end of the day, they're in, so be it.  However, as much as most of you are hoping to see some last minute "Tebow-time Magic" in this game,  I have a feeling that Tim Tebow will be smothered by the Steel Curtain and their stay in the playoffs will be a brief one.

So, buckle up and get ready for one great weekend of NFL action: BREW CREW STYLE!

(image courtesy of PopFlyBoys.Com)


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