So we're just about two weeks into the new year and right about now the resolutions that were made on Jan 1 are being broken.  No more smoking... you take a quick puff while no one's looking.  Go on a diet...  and you're stuffing a Carl's Cheesesteak down your throat in a dark alley after a night of beers (which you were going to give up as well).  I see this happening all the time and I ask myself  "Why do people torture themselves like this"?

I stop making New Year's resolutions a long, long time ago.  I realized that to cut out things that I liked cold turkey was more of a torture to myself and would lead to me breaking the resolutions and then becoming depressed at the fact that I didn't keep them.  Seriously, what's the point?  Life's too short.  If you want or need to curtail some things for say, your health benefit, then you do what you need to do.  But if it's strictly an ego thing, then just moderate.  No sense in beating yourself up over unrealistic goals that you couldn't meet.

There.  I've spoken my piece for the day.  Now back to my pastrami sandwich.

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