We've reached the halfway point of the NHL season and the two teams that has caught my attention are the NEW YORK RANGERS and the MONTREAL CANADIENS, but for two different reasons.

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The NY Rangers have been flying high all season.  Currently sitting near the top of the league, they are clicking on all cylinders.  Between the hot goaltending of Henrik Lundqvist,  a tough young defense, timely offense and a tough-minded coach who takes no shit, the Rangers can do no wrong.  They even get flukey breaks going their way.  It's slowly starting to shape up to a run similar to the one we saw back in 1994.  Does this mean that this is finally the year that Lord Stanley comes back to New York?  It's still too early to tell, as they haven't played the Boston Bruins yet this season, but if you're a NY Ranger fan, you gotta like your chances at this point.

The Montreal Canadiens on the other hand, can't seem to catch a break.  Between numerous injuries, poor play from their top players (Gionta, Gomez, Cammalleri just to name a few), coaching changes and  a front office who has turned a once storied franchise into a perennial s***show, and we have a team that is lost at sea.

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This team, who had great runs in the playoffs the last couple of years, now seems destined to win a spot in the Draft Lottery than make the playoffs at this rate.  Instead of concentrating on doing what needs to be done to win games, they seemed to be more consumed on making sure that they have a coach that can speak French.  Granted, there are a few players who are giving a genuine effort, night in, night out (Carey Price and Erik Cole for example); But for the most part, this team is a shell of a team that we expected much more from coming into the season.   And as a diehard Habs fan, that pains me to see.

What will the second half of the season bring?  Anything can happen- that's why they play the games, but if things stay true to form, look for the NY Rangers to play hockey in April while the Habs enjoy an early start to the golf season.

Nuff Said.

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