The bar hosted a hockey viewing party for the Detroit Red Wings/Montreal Canadiens game.  It was a matchup between two Original Six teams (always good) and it was also the last game before the NHL All-Star break.  That being said, we had a pretty enthusiastic group of fans for both teams in attendance and going into the game, the Red Wings fans were feeling pretty cocky about their chances.  They did have the league's best record, while the Habs have been mired in mediocrity for most of the season.

Imagine everyone's surprise, however, when the Habs jumped out to a quick 3-0 lead within a matter of minutes.  We held a predict-the-goal contest, where you got to select who you thought would score the first goal of the game.  No one got the first goal scorer correct, so we rolled it over to the second goal and  again, no one got it.  In fact, no one, and I mean NO ONE predicted the correct scorer until the 4th goal was tallied.  In other words, the goals were coming from guys you least expected to hear from against the mighty Red Wings.

By the time all was said and done, the Habs had gone on to DESTROY the Red Wings, 7-2, which was stunning to everyone in the bar, myself included.  That being said, it was a pretty good gathering and everyone seemed to have a good time.  A nice way to go into the NHL All-Star Break.  And great job by the boys from HOCKEY THIS WEEK for their pre-game broadcast.  If you're a hockey fan and you want a good listen, check them out HERE:

This, apparently, is the Habs' version of the "Broadway Hat" that the NY Rangers players don after a victory. 

It was also DOUBLE S' birthday last night so a few of his compadres were in to celebrate with him.  It must be said that I may OR may have not have had a couple of quaffs of suds to help celebrate, thus taking a "temporary hiatus" from my "No-Juice January" stint.  Anything for a friend, I always say.

TONIGHT:  We're offering up $4 Speakeasy Prohibition Ale pints along with our usual Thursday specials ($4 Molson, Labatt Blue & Alexander Keith's) along with $4 Mixed Well Drinks (for ladies) (5-10pm).  Check out a great NBA doubleheader (Boston vs Orlando, Memphis vs LA Clippers), some NCAA hoops and the NHL Fantasy Hockey Draft.

See you tonight!

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