We're experiencing a bit of a monsoon outside right now so I figured that this is a good time to catch up on the blog while I have a free moment.

This is the "Blah Week" that falls between the NFL Championship Weekend and the Super Bowl.  This weekend in particular sucks because aside from the NHL All-Star Game & NFL Pro Bowl (admittedly not the most exciting things on the sports radar), there's not much happening.  However, I can tell you who loves this weekend: Wives and girlfriends. Why?  For the same reason mentioned above.  There's nothing going on, thus leaving their men to themselves for a change.

I do like the fact that the UFC is offering up a pretty solid card on FOX this Saturday night (which we'll carry by the way).  It's been a while since we've seen a solid UFC card at the bar.

We're officially NINE days away from the Super Bowl and to be honest, it couldn't get here fast enough.  I strongly detest the extra week that falls between the Championship Game and the Big Game.  I feel like it kills the momentum for both teams and more often than not, it results in a blowout/snoozefest of a game.  Not as much in recent years, but still, more often than not.

That being said, with the rematch between the Giants/Patriots in place, if we get anything close to what we got in the first game, I will be more than happy.  Not just from a business standpoint, mind you, but from a fan's point of view.  When the Giants beat New England in that infamous Super Bowl a few years back, the celebration that took place in the streets afterwards was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. 

That was an epic night and hopefully we'll get some "deja vu" magic in nine days!

The rain's letting up so I'm going to take this time to catch up on errands.  Don't forget to keep tabs on our weekly lineup of activities at Third and Long via our website!  Check out our "Weekend Kick-Off" ($4 domestic drafts/well drinks, 5-9pm) and I hope to see you around this weekend!


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