So every so often you come across a night where one bizarre thing after another takes place.  Last night was one of those nights.

It started innocently enough.  It's the Monday after a long holiday weekend, so you don't really expect much to take place.  There were small groups of people scattered throughout the bar, some watching sports on TV, others having casual conversation;  Otherwise, a pretty easy-going night.  Then things began to get weird.

When the bearded guy started stuffing the jukebox with Rhianna songs and singing along at the top of his voice, I thought that was weird.  When the musical selections switched over from Rhianna to Incubus and the same guy continued to sing every note without missing a beat,  I thought THAT was weird.

But then things really got weird when these two ladies came into the bar.  Both of them looked as if they had been crying (red flag).  As it turned out, the brother of one of the ladies (who was the fiancee of the other lady) passed away suddenly and they were obviously distraught over what took place.   So we let them "mourn" in peace until...

One of the ladies decided to try and serve herself some fruit from the fruit tray.  AMY SMART, who was bartending with THE RUNNING MAN stopped the woman from reaching her hands into the fruit tray, citing sanitary reasons.  The woman then went ballistic- first with AMY SMART over who's touching the fruit, then with THE RUNNING MAN and eventually me for everything from who's touching the fruit to us not caring that her brother passed away and not giving her condolences.  It was bizarre.  When we told her she needed to leave, she refused to leave, continuing to hurl rude insults trying to go after the staff.  Crazy stuff.  Eventually we got the two nutty women out of the bar, but not after a couple of calls for police assistance (they of course, showed up after the fact).  QUESTION: Why do all the weirdos come out on the slow nights?

A fitting ending to a very strange night.  Oy vey.  


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bearwolf!! said...

Maybe this could be third n longs New weird day.. it was Monday the 16th instead of Friday the 13th! Hehe I'm an idiot!