If you are a even a casual fan of the NFL, let alone a hardcore one, you definitely found yourself getting sucked into the excitement of NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend. From the thrilling come-from-behind-from-behind-from-behind-from-behind victory by the San Francisco 49ers over the New Orleans Saints, to the national "dismantling" of "TebowTime" by the New England Patriots; From the Baltimore Ravens victory over the Houston Texans in what could be Ray Lewis' final shot at a Super Bowl, to the NY Giants' improbable destruction of the Super Bowl champions on their storied home turf, this was a weekend for the ages.

So next Sunday we find ourselves with the Final Four of football:  All former Super Bowl champions meeting head to head with a date to the "Big Game" on the line:

New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens (3pm)
San Francisco 49ers vs NY Giants (6:30pm)

The networks love it.. and so do the fans. This should make for an EPIC Sunday of football. Phone's already ringing for reservations for Sunday (sorry, we don't do reservations, it's first come, first serve).  We gave away a pretty cool NY Giants portable beer cooler on Sunday and we'll see if we can get some more cool swag to giveaway during the games this Sunday!  So plan on getting to Third and Long early because if this is anything like the last time the Giants played for a spot in the Super Bowl, this place will be JAMMED!


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