With the weather gods calling for 60 degree temps this week, is it safe to say that the Winter of 2012 has been a complete bust.


That being said, March can't get here soon enough.  With that, I look forward to:

-March Madness

-St. Patrick's Day 

-Spring Training

-Official Spring Weather

-"The DAY"

-Habs vs Rangers

-Another road trip to Canada

And anything else that will help shake the winter blues off of my bones.  

Tick..tock...tick...tock... Springtime, you're now on the clock.

PUB TRIVIA TONIGHT (8pm)!  $45 bar tab up for grabs for the best team!  Free to play, great drink deals ($4 Mixed Well Drinks for ladies and buckets of Rolling Rock, 5/$20) all night long!


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Anonymous said...

"The Day" being the first day of the year when all the women of NY shed their coats and bare skin for the first time of the year, leaving guys like you and I standing on the corner with our mouths agape?

Did I get that right?

Have I been following your posts for too long or do we just think alike?

B to the...