For lovely couples, today is Valentine's Day.  A day to "cherish" one another by lavishing gifts and flowers on one another.  And of course, if you're single, this is the one most annoying day of the year.  You get to see the couples get lovey-dovey and sappy and think to yourself "What the f***"?.  And every year, we try to ease the pain of having to deal with the day by throwing a party to make mockery of the whole notion of Valentine's Day.

And guess what?  We're doing it again tonight!  Look, we're not knocking the notion of what Valentine's Day should be about- But why should single folks have to suffer?

No pressures, no pretenses. Just single folks hanging out away from the hype and bullshit that comes with Valentine's Day.  That's how it should be.  It's always a good time and tonight should be no different.

And there's also the Rangers/Bruins game and NY Knicks/Raptors game to help take your mind off of Valentine's Day (Hey, we're pulling out all of the stops here).

In any case, now you got options on Valentine's Night.  You can sit at home and feel sorry for yourself while watching "Glee", or you can come out and join us for a fun time and let your hitched up friends be jealous of you for a change.

Choose wisely.


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Anonymous said...

Isn't V-Day the day the ladies lie down, take a load off their feet, and raise their legs in the form of a V?

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