The past weekend was a pretty good one at the bar, with both Friday and Saturday nights showing some nice "pop" to it, which was much-welcomed, especially for a slow winter month, as February usually is.  However, the weekend was not all about happy times. .The entertainment world got startling news about the passing of one of their own: Whitney Houston, the diva with the golden throat, passed away suddenly on Saturday night,  ironically enough, the weekend of the Grammy Awards.

Here was a starlet with mounds of talent that no one could deny, yet was troubled by demons as large as life.  We watched her grow up and rocket to the top of her field of entertainment, only to watch her make that marked decline that many stars and athletes make when they get caught up in the fast life.  And unfortunately, she wasn't strong enough to combat those demons and the fast life ended up taking this talented diva's life much too soon.

What I will remember best about her is her spine-tingling performance at the 1991 Super Bowl, which lifted up the spirits of our country when we needed it the most:

So say what you will about Whitney Houston, she and that wonderful voice of hers will be missed.  Rest In Peace.

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