As the city prepares for the HUGE victory parade for the World Champion New York Giants,  here's my recap of the day's activities:

Super Bowl Sunday turned out to be a great day to be a New York sports fan.

It all started off with the huge statement-making game by the New York Rangers in their win over the rival Philadelphia Flyers that set the tone for the day.  Because of the ongoing standoff between Time-Warner and MSG Networks, you cannot watch most of the local sports teams unless you have DirecTV.  So as a result, we had more than a few Ranger fans decked out in NY Giants gear at the bar to watch the game.  And what a game it was!  The NY Rangers imposed their will onto the Flyers both in play and in the numerous fights that took place during the game,  ultimately winning the game, 5-2, much to the delight of Ranger fans in the bar.

Once the game ended, the hockey fans started to file out while football fans began showing up to camp out for prime seats at the bar and at one of a few choice tables in the bar.  By the time the "official" on-field pre-game festivities began, the bar was at capacity.  And by the time the National Anthem was done, everyone (myself included) wanted nothing more than to have the game begin.

Once the game finally began, all eyes were glued to the TV's as the Giants took the fight to the Patriots, beginning with a safety on New England's first drive.  This sent the pro-Giants crowd into a tizzy and New England fans had cause for concern.  The Giants were able to dominate the 1st quarter by controlling the ball and the clock and yet all they had to show for it was a 9-0 lead.  This concerned me because the last thing you want to do is to keep New England within striking distance.  It only builds their confidence.

And sure enough, New England would eventually come back and take a 10-9 halftime lead, thanks to some timely plays.  The pro-Giants crowd were still confident that their team would pull out a win, but the cockiness factor had definitely toned down, that much was certain.  Thankfully there was the halftime entertainment provided by Madonna and Co. including M.I. (middle finger) A., Cee-Lo Green, and Nikki Minaj, just to name a few.  There was also the halftime buffet that the bar provided (and went quickly), which helped calm down the anxious fans, at least for the interim.

The second half of the game started with New England getting the ball and just like I feared, they regained their footing and took it to the Giants, scoring 17 unanswered points and sending both the team and the fans at the bar reeling.  By the end of the quarter, the Giants found themselves behind, 17-15 and for the first time, there was a definite shift in the attitude of the patrons at the bar.  Could New England actually pull out a win?  Or would we see a bit of "deja vu" in yet another fantastic finish?

Sure enough, we got the deja vu finish we were hoping for as the NY Giants were able to stop New England when they needed to and drive home the winning touchdown to eek out a glorious victory, much to the delight to all the fans at the bar.  The next few hours were sheer epic celebrating as the NY Giants were crowned "World Champions"!

During the course of the celebrating, I was alerted by my trusty barback about something fishy going on downstairs.  So I rushed downstairs to find the door of the ladies room wide open.  In one of the stalls there were two pairs of feet and the familiar yet awkward sounds of a couple trying to have relations in really tight quarters.

So I cleared my throat (to get their attention), then announced who I was and that they needed to clear out of the restroom immediately.  Of course, their definition of immediately and my definition of the same word were totally different.  After what seemed like hours, the embarrassed couple finally emerged from the stall.  As they were doing this, I couldn't help but to notice this black garment on the floor near the stall.  I pointed it out and no one bothered to claim it.  So I picked it up and it was a black bra.  I picked it up and asked the young lady if it belonged to her.  She said no, without even looking at it.  I asked if she was sure of this, and again she refused to acknowledge it, even with her blouse turned inside out.  Bless her heart.  Next thing you know, they are making out again at the jukebox, while her black bra was doing a twirl above the bar...

It was a wild and crazy celebration, that much I can say.

I can only imagine what we'll see at the Victory Parade today!

NOTE: If you can't make it to the parade then you can watch the festivities with us!   Fun starts at 11am!


Anonymous said...

Looks fun...Doesn't look like any of the Sunday Brew Crew made it...Is the Super Bowl now considered amateur hour?

swandad said...

Most of them went to house parties; so for the most part it was newbies and tourists. A few Brew Crew members showed up to celebrate after the game!

Anonymous said...

glad for one nite we were able to turn Third & Long into a GIANTS bar, not a dolfans bar.