Yesterday, during a relaxing edition of Sunday FUNday, a group of us were sitting around the bar, shooting the shit after the Rangers/Bruins game.  Our attention turned to the waining moments of the Knicks/Celtics game and after the Knicks lost the game, things returned to normal.  Which in this case was the usual hijinks that take place during a typical Brew Crew Sunday.

Around this time, the Lakers/Heat game had begun and while we weren't really paying attention to the game, a group of people came in and asked for the sound for the game.  No big deal.  The bar wasn't busy and if it was going to keep a group of folks there, so be it.

As it turns out, among the members of the group asking about the Lakers/Heat game was one Erin Andrews.  Yes, THAT Erin Andrews.  I didn't notice her at first because she was pretty low key and very casually dressed.  Some of the regulars noticed her though; most of them, actually, except one particular female member of the Brew Crew.  And she didn't realize it was her until after she left and upon figuring out her "idol" was sitting literally a few feet away from her, she lost her shit.  Literally.  It was pretty funny, actually.

BIG WEEK AHEAD: If you are a college hoops fan, the fun really starts now as CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK goes into full swing.  Conference championships have begun around the country and all of the major conferences kick off their tournaments this week.  The Big East Tournament begins tomorrow and hoop fans in the city are salivating.  This is the last year that the Big East will be in it's current configuration, for after this season, you begin to see the dismantling of the power conference as we know it.  West Virginia, Syracuse, Pitt and UConn will soon leave for other conferences and quite frankly, the Big East won't be the same.  It's a shame.

TONIGHT: "Monday Night Unwind" ($2 Domestic Drafts & 2-for-1 Wine by the Glass).  NCAA Championship Week games and NHL games on tap all night!


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Anonymous said...

"Literally"? That sounds messy!

P.S.-I love Third and Long...literally!