It was a typical Monday night at the bar;  quiet beginnings followed by a festive ending.

When I say the evening started slowly, I mean it- it started out S-L-O-W-L-Y.  So slowly in fact, that I actually got worried that it would become an unbearably dead night.  Within an hour, however, the bar began to fill with groups of people and soon after we had the familiar buzz of a busy night.

However, there was something a bit different about the crowd that came in last night.  This time around, the majority of the people who came in were tourists, here for the Big East Tournament.  How could I tell?  The familiar signs were readily available;  Team colors and logos adorning their clothing, and questions that tourists would normally ask about New York.  We also got a lot of members of one of the teams playing in the tournament in last night, doing a late night "study session", if you know what I mean.

And of course, the night wouldn't be complete without a dose of "Hot Mess Mondays".  This week's edition involved a group of young ladies (I think they were tourists) seemingly competing for the attention of the same guy (a semi-regular of the bar) by holding their own "Pants Off, Dance Off" competition.  Excitement personified, let me tell you.

That being said, today marks the start of an awesome run of sporting events.  Today alone, for example, you have this:

12pm: Big East Game #1: DePaul vs Connecticut

2pm: Big East Game #2: Pittsburgh vs St. John's 

2pm: Champions League: Arsenal vs AC Milan & Benfica vs Zenit

7pm: NHL: NY Rangers vs NJ Devils

7pm: Big East Game #3: Providence vs Seton Hall

8:30pm: NBA: NY Knicks vs Dallas

9pm: Big East Game #4: Villanova vs Rutgers

9pm: NHL: Montreal vs Calgary

And that's just today! It only gets more hectic from here. And dammit, I love it! Bring on March Madness! 

TODAY: Enjoy $3 Bud/Bud Light drafts and $4 bottles of Estrella Damn while you enjoy the college hoops and/or Champions League action!

AND TONIGHT: Check out the Rangers/Devils Viewing Party and enjoy $3 Select Craft Beers and $4 Molson Canadian, Alexander Keith's and Labatt Blue!  Or try out the "LIN-tini" during the Knicks/Mavs game!


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