The past weekend was a frenetic blur for us as we got a double blast of March Madness and the celebration of St. Patrick's Day.  The weather gods cooperated with us by granting us tons of sunshine and warm weather, which contributed to an awesome weekend.  Talk about a great way to send off the last weekend of the Winter season!

St Patrick's Day started very early for the Third and Long staff, with our doors swinging open at 9am.  By noon the bar was humming with holiday parade goers doing the pre-game thing before hitting the main event on 5th Avenue.

By 2pm, the bar was filled to capacity and we'd gotten a visit from the Breezy Point Catholic Club Pipes and Drums, which was a hit with the crowd.

By 4pm, 3rd Avenue had turned into a scene of "The Walking Dead", with zombies, clad in various shades of green shuffling aimlessly about.  Yes, the party was in full tilt mode.  There were a few drunken scuffles on the street, and the usual share of drunken girls having diva moments or doses of #whitegirlproblems.  In essence,  a virtual sh**how, but hey, what else would you expect on St. Patrick's Day?  Yet all the while, the party kept going and we kept rolling merrily along, serving up good fun throughout the afternoon and night.

These are only a few of the photographs that I took throughout the day.  I'll post more later on this afternoon.

So we survived another St. Patrick's Day holiday, with no major issues- just some small collateral damage that comes along with such a chaotic day.  Kudos to the Third and Long staff, who toiled long hours and showed a lot of patience in dealing with various inebriated "happy people" throughout the day and night.  They kept the fun going, smiling the whole time and they brought their "A" game.  Job well done!

Now that's done, it's time to say GOODBYE to Winter, once and for all!  Today's the last day of the season and we're going out with a BANG!  Expect temps to soar to the mid-70's, with plenty of sunshine!  Perfect way to start the week!

TONIGHT: Catch the NY Rangers vs NJ Devils (7pm) during our "Monday Night Unwind" ($2 domestic draft mugs and 2-for-1 Wine by the Glass, all night long)!

Get out there and say goodbye to Winter once and for all!


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