TONIGHT's the night we've all been waiting for:  Game 7 x 2! New York area hockey takes center stage as the NY Rangers and NJ Devils play for their playoff lives.  Win and they move on to the second round; Lose.... Well, we don't want to talk about that.

That being said, the phone's been ringing off the hook for tonight's games.  We STRONGLY advise that you get here early as the place will fill quickly!

There will be audio for the NY Rangers game, then when that game ends, we'll switch the volume over to the NJ Devils game (which starts at 8:30p).  And hopefully, by 11pm,  Third and Long will be ROCKIN' with a victory celebration!

We'll also dedicate one TV for the NFL Draft, for you football fans out there.  But tonight, the main focus will be on the NY Rangers and NJ Devils.   Wear your favorite jersey, paint your faces if you have to, but bring the mojo and cheer on your favorite team!  

It's ON!

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