So far, our "unofficial summer" has been a scorcher.  With high temps and brutal humidity bearing down on us, especially over the holiday weekend , this week has been a royal pain in the arse, if you know what I mean.  Of course, when the weather becomes unbearable, strange things begin to happen.  Whether it be  the beer box or the air conditioner acting up (the two things you need to work on days like these), you can always count on Murphy's Law to kick in.  Thankfully, we're due for a break by the time the weekend arrives, with more tolerable weather to enjoy.

Speaking of "Heat Waves", there is a subject that comes up every so often here in NYC, and that is the topic of topless women in pubic places.  Recently there's been a spike of the number of women walking the streets of the Big Apple topless, enjoying the hot summer rays.  Now in a city where practically nothing shakes the average New Yorker, this has caused more than its fair share of confusion.  Who are these women who dare bare their breasts in public?  Is that legal?  Why aren't they being arrested?  

Courtesy of NYC.BarstoolSports.com

Fact of the matter is that it IS legal for females to go topless in public in NY State.  And so every so often, you'll see the random female exercising her right to bare it all (up top), ..... because she can.   Read more on this fascinating story HERE.  And in the meantime, if you happen to come across a young lady walking about, sans top, remember guys.. "eyes up here".  :)

KINGS vs DEVILS, Game 1: The L.A. Kings continued their road domination, stealing an OT win from the NJ Devils in the opening game of the Stanley Cup.  Both teams were tentative, feeling each other out for a few periods before finally opening things up in the 3rd period and in overtime.  Now some NJ Devils fans are already in panic mode, while some Kings fans are already lifting The Cup.  Settle down, folks.  I get the feeling that it's going to be a long series.  Buckle up!

Game 2 this Saturday at The Rock! (8pm)

On a separate note, we tip our cap to Detroit Red Wings defenseman, NICKLAS LIDSTROM, who hung up his skates today after 20 years.  During his storied career, he was an 11-time All Star, won 7 Norris Trophies (Best Defenseman) and 4 Stanley Cups.  He will no doubt be a 1st ballot Hall of Famer and he will be missed, not only by the Detroit Red Wings, but by the NHL and hardcore hockey fans everywhere.

TONIGHT: PUB TRIVIA returns to Third and Long with another fun-filled edition!  As always, it's free to play, with a $45 bar tab up for grabs to the winning team!  Great drink specials available ($20 Coors Light buckets and $4 Mixed Well Drinks for ladies, 7pm-11pm)!  Get here early and get ready for a full night of "Good, Pouring Fun"!



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not panicking yet, i agree it should be a long series. i'll be out in full force at the Rock on Saturday nite. LET'S GO DEVILS!

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Thanks for the boobies.

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