Yesterday one of our own, BABY GIRL, was treated to a surprise farewell party, hosted by her brothers, Russell and Bobby (still the coolestmuthafuckaIknow).  The boys approached me about doing something for her a few weeks back and we finally decided that due to the sheer number of friends that she has and her affinity for Third and Long, it would be best to hold the bring the surprise to her there.  Which sounds easy in theory, but if you ever had any dealings with BABY GIRL, it never is.

The original plan was to have her think that she would be working for me that night, which was crucial because she's usually off on Thursdays.  Once I got her to commit to covering for me, I would get all of the guests to the bar while she was conducting the shift change in the basement.  So this was a surprise based on sheer timing.  The guests would be waiting down the block at Bobby's apartment, waiting for my signal and once BABY GIRL went downstairs, they would quickly make their way up to the bar, and wait for her to come upstairs, dressed in sombreros and moustaches (a personal party favorite of hers).  Sounds simple enough, right?

First off, BABY GIRL was a late arrival to the bar (shocker), so I had to keep the group from showing up too soon.  Then it took what seemed like forever to get her downstairs for the shift change.  Then when the group arrived and were ready to surprise her, it took forever to get BABY GIRL to come upstairs!

Finally she made her way upstairs, and when she turned the corner... BOOM!  She was blindsided by a chorus of SURPRISE chants and well-wishes!

She was totally caught off guard, like a dear in headlights!  With the surprised being pulled off perfectly, now came the party, complete with Bud Lights, Sangria and Fireball Whisky shots.  And with this crew, that usually leads to debauchery....

All told, it was a great time and a perfect way to say goodbye to a dear friend and a vital cog to the Third and Long machine.   If you weren't able to attend last night's soiree and still want to say goodbye, she'll be bartending tonight and will be around until the end of June.  Stop by- she'll love to see ya!


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