The Independence Day holiday has come and gone and I hope that everyone had an enjoyable one spending it with their with friends and loved ones.  As for me, my holiday was pretty low-key; Spent most of it in my air-conditioned apartment and paying homage to our country's history by watching the "John Adams" marathon on HBO. A brilliant mini-series about how our country gained its independence and how former U. S. President John Adams came into prominence.

Now it's the day after and as I write this, it's interesting to see who actually went to work today.  It's currently lunch time and I see little to no foot traffic at all, which tells me that the majority of the working public, are in fact, off for the week.  There are quite a few happy tourists walking around though, which is better than nothing.

That being said, we're back open with nice cold beers, and even colder air conditioning to combat against the current heatwave that we're experiencing.  And tonight, we're hosting our weekly "Suds and Sangria" event where you can enjoy glasses of red or white sangria, along with pints of BUD, BUD LIGHT, LABATT BLUE or COORS LIGHT for $4 (5pm-10pm)!

So if you're in the city and need a place to cool off, join us!


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