We are officially in the midst of yet ANOTHER heatwave and the Big Apple is BAKING! It's so hot that I've already taken my second shower of the day and it's not even 1pm yet.  If you haven't hit the beaches yet, chances are that you're doing the next best thing by soaking in the sun at Central or Prospect Park.  We're expecting temps to hit mid 90's today and close to 100 degrees tomorrow, which for NYC, is simply brutal..  Thankfully, our AC has worked pretty well under all of this tremendous heat (fingers crossed).  Hopefully we'll be spared of any surprises this weekend!

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In the meantime, the city's relatively quiet, thanks to the extended Independence Day holiday break.  Plenty of tourists floating around though, looking miserable as they toil in the hot sun with blistered feet.  Rule #1 of being a tourist in NYC: Wear comfortable shoes.  Flip-flops and sight-seeing here will kill your feet.  I know some of you out-of-towners want to look fashionable in the attempt to "fit-in" here, but trust me, after a day of sight-seeing here on our hot city streets, you will thank me for the suggestion.

We got a few things on tap here at the bar this weekend for those of you who are still around.  There's the NY Yankees/Boston Red Sox series, starting tonight.  Always fun to watch these two teams go at it, even though this year's edition has been less than stellar so far. The NY Mets are hosting the Chicago Cubs this weekend so here's a chance to watch the surprising Metropolitans in action as well!  Wimbledon crowns their Men's and Women's champions this weekend.  And for you NASCAR freaks, the always popular Pepsi 400 kicks off in prime-time on Saturday night.

We're also bringing back our popular "SUDSY SATURDAYS", starting this weekend, where you can enjoy  $3 pints of BUD/BUD LIGHT & COORS LIGHT (7pm-11pm), each and every Saturday night throughout the rest of the summer!


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Look in the mirror, buddy. Don't be calling NASCAR fans "freaks" when you most certainly bow and bite the puck with everything related to hockey. That I will never understand.

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