The MLB All-Star Break and The Espys have come and gone and with baseball not scheduled to resume until Friday, today is officially the WORST day of the WORST week of the sporting calendar year.

So here at Third and Long, we've decided to take matters into our own hands by sponsoring an event that combines the two things that we know to bring people together: BEER and competition!! So what better way to do that than hosting a BEER-STEIN HOLDING CHALLENGE?!

The rules are simple: Contestants must hold a ONE-LITER STEIN of beer at arm's length for as long as possible.  The arm must be parallel to the floor- you CANNOT bend your arm in any way or fashion, or you will be eliminated.  If there is any spillage of beer, you are eliminated.  If you lean back or raise your arm above the required parallel level, you are eliminated.

The last man or woman standing wins!

PLEASE NOTE: Even though you are competing against other individuals in this competition, it is also equally important to note that you are also competing against the clock.  The key is to hold the beer stein as LONG as POSSIBLE!  There will be several competitions taking place throughout the month of July and the person with the LONGEST time at the end of the month-long competition will represent the bar in the NYC finals in September.  They will get to ride the HOFBRAU float in the upcoming Steuben Day Parade, then compete in the finals at Central Park.

The city-wide winner will win a trip to GERMANY for OKTOBERFEST, courtesy of HOFBRAU!

So there's great incentive to compete!  First competition takes place tonight at 8pm!  You think you have what it takes to win a trip to Germany?  Stay tuned!

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