We finally made it through the post-holiday week and just when you finally have a chance to catch your breath, word comes down from the weather gods that we're due for yet another HEATWAVE, starting this weekend.  The only people that could be happy about this are the waterside resorts and Con-Edison.  I'm still wincing after looking at my latest bill.  Ugh.

On another note, What is going on with MAYOR BLOOMBERG these days?  First he wants to shrink the size of our soda portions (ban super-size soft drinks); Next he wants to introduce "micro-apartments" (full-sized apartment features in a tiny space)!  What's up with that?  While I admire Mr. Mayor's concern about his constituents' health and well being, his heavy-handed approach seems to rub a lot of people the wrong way.

If he really wants to make the citizens of New York City happy, then he should let the citizens of the city "Move on up.. to the East Side", and enjoy nice sized apartments like his, at micro-sized prices. I'm sure the citizens will sign up for that with no problem!


We hosted our Beer Stein Holding Contest last night and it was a great success!  It started out slowly as we had to encourage some people to give it a try, but once people got to see it being done, we got plenty of volunteers!

We ended up hosting two rounds of the stein-holding contest, with the best time of the night being 4 minutes and 3 seconds.  While this doesn't sound like much, it's a much more difficult feat then it looks.  Congrats to Zach Lewis on the win.  We will host another round of our Beer Stein Holding Contest next Thursday at 8pm if you think you can beat his time.  And at the end of the month, whoever has the longest time will represent Third and Long in the NYC Finals in September.  Win that, and you and a guest win a trip to Germany for Oktoberfest!

It's the weekend!  So see you after work tonight!


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