This is the week that traditional sports fans dred the most:  The MLB All-Star Break.  The one week of the year where there's practically no meaningful sports on TV.  Yeah, you have the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game itself, but seriously speaking, do you really give a crap about either of those events?  And sure, there's MLS Soccer (blah) and the Tour De France (too early in the morning), but again, it doesn't quite cut it for me.

So what do you do about it?  You can grin and bear it like you normally do each and every summer, or you can do something about it.  We're going with the latter, by sponsoring a contest; Mind you, not just any contest where you win a raffle or something cheezy like that.  This contest actually involves testing your skill, strength and endurance.  A sheer test of wills.  And what's up for grabs for the winner of this contest?  How about a chance to win a trip to GERMANY?

Are you up for "MASSKRUSTEMMEN"?

The premise is simple: You hoist a stein of beer and hold it out in front of you at shoulder level for as long as you can, WITHOUT bending your arm, or spilling a drop of beer.  The person that establishes the LONGEST time will get to ride on the Hofbrau float in the Steuben German Day Parade.  After that, they will represent Third and Long in the citywide finals, held in Central Park.  Win that competition- and you are on your way to Germany for the Annual Oktoberfest!

There will be several opportunities to participate this month, starting with this Thursday night!  It's easy to enter: Purchase a stein of Hofbrau, hoist that baby and let the best man/woman win!  Whoever has the best recorded time at the end of the month will get to take a Hofbrau stein home with them; They will also represent Third and Long in the City Finals in August!

So start flexing those arm muscles and get ready to compete!  Look for posters at the bar with official competition dates and we'll see you on Thursday!

TONIGHT: Catch the MLB Home Run Derby and enjoy $2 Domestic Draft mugs and 2-for-1 Wine/Sangria ALL NIGHT!  Domestic drafts include: Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, Shock Top, Harpoon Summer, Kelso Nut Brown Lager, Lagunitas IPA, Sea Dog Blueberry Ale, Shipyard Monkey Fist IPA & Long Trail Belgian White.  Now call me crazy, but that's a pretty sweet list for only $2 each!

Gather up the troops and we'll see you tonight!

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Anonymous said...

Holy shit balls, I don't remember this week being soooo slow on the sports front in recent years. We can only hope for more athletes to get arrested (hopefully with multiple hookers).

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