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The past weekend was a long and mostly enjoyable one, with an "international" flair.  It started on Friday night with the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics.  I was torn on whether or not to put the audio on for the ceremonies, because to be honest, as nice as it is to watch it, you never quite get to enjoy it.  Between the constant chatter of patrons and the occasional douchebag making crude comments, it's almost pointless to play the sound.  But since it is the Olympics and it only comes once every four years, I said what the hell, and it ended up being a good call.  The ceremonies looked pretty cool and a lot of people stuck around for the whole show.  It ended up being a good night because of it.

The rest of the weekend found me taking a much-needed quick road trip to my home away from home, Montreal, Quebec, with three members of the Sunday Brew Crew, DOUBLE S, NORBIT and BIG MONEY GRIP.  I was a bit worried about making the long trek by car because quite frankly, I don't have the patience to do the car thing like I used to.  But we got to Montreal in pretty good time (about 6 hours) and the rest of the weekend (really less than 24 hours) was a blur.

Some of the highlights included seeing Thierry Henry in our hotel (the NY Red Bulls were in town to play the Montreal Impact);  Surprising the boys with what turned out to be a great dinner at Vieux-Port Steakhouse.  And of course, late night debauchery at McLean's Pub was the biggest highlight of the trip.  The staff there treated us well (as always) and made a fun trip that much more enjoyable.   After some late, late night smoked meat poutine at Dunn's Famous (La Banquise was too far away), we finally called it a night, with a long drive home ahead of us the next day.

All told, it was a great trip- just wished we would have had more time to really take in the city.  Especially since it was my first time visiting the city during the warm weather season.  It's such a beautiful city to begin with, being able to enjoy it in the summer was a bonus and only made me love it even more.  If you haven't had an opportunity to visit Montreal, Quebec, Canada, you have to do so.  So totally worth it.

So now I'm back, ready (or maybe not) to start another week.  The Olympics are in high gear (though I have to say, I really hate NBC's tape delay policy), NFL training camps are open and pennant races are getting hot in baseball (and the trade deadline is on Tuesday).  Should make for a fun week!

AND FINALLY: After years of requests, we finally have STONE ARROGANT BASTARD on tap ($7/pint)! It's highly ranked by many beer experts and with good reason.  It's a damn good beer, plain and simple, and at 7.2% ABV, it carries a nice kick too.  Definitely worth a try!

That's it.  That's all I got for ya.  Time to get back to the salt mines!

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Holy crap, that was a HUGE beer pitcher, or serving vat, wow, I want one. Oh, and now the Olympics only come around once a year? Sweet! Although I do hope they are closer to home in 2013, that tape delay thing sucks donkey ass.

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