It seemed as if there was a full moon last night as we got more than our fair share of wack-a-doodles last night.  The bar itself was pleasantly busy for a Tuesday night, but some of the characters that came in and out throughout the night were enough to leave you scratching your head.  From drama queens to hardcore Olympic fans to ex-athletes celebrating their big softball victory, to say it was an interesting night would be an understatement.

The most puzzling moment of the night?  This older lady came into the bar and made her way into the Champagne Room.  She then proceeded to take off her jacket and handbag, formed it into a pillow, then stretched out onto the bench and began watching the Olympics, as if she was in her living room.

Now this same woman had done the same thing the night before, and when I approached her and asked what she was doing, she said she was watching the Games and that it was very comfortable back there. I told her that while I was glad that she was comfortable, this wasn't a library and that she needed to order something to stay here.  So she ordered a Club Soda and proceeded to hang out the rest of the night, watching the Games.

So here she was again, doing the same thing.  This time, she fell asleep, while watching TV, just like anyone would in their living room.  WTF?  I woke her up and told her she couldn't sleep here- this wasn't a library.  She apologized, sat up, took a sip from her beverage and went back to watching the Games.  Sure enough, within minutes, she was dozing off again!  By then, it was last call so she was getting bounced anyway, but still, who does that?

I wonder what tonight will bring?   Oy Vey...

PUB TRIVIA "Tournament of Champions" kick off tonight!  Fun starts at 8pm!  Winner of tonight's Trivia moves on to the Finals in September!  Free to play and great drink specials and prizes up for grabs!


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