In my last post, I attempted to bring everyone up to speed on what's been going on around here.  Instead, it ended becoming a mini-post about my frustrations with not being able to post (poor me, poor me, wah wah wah).  So with that pity-party done and over with, I'm going to try to, once again, bring everyone up to speed.

As we speed through what's left of the summer, I can't believe that the NFL officially begins in less than two weeks!  Training camps are in full swing, and we've had more than our share of fantasy football draft requests already (that's always a good sign).  

Another sign that the summer is almost over: The US Open is just about to begin.  We begin to see the familiar faces that follow the Open every year, including our journalist friends from the Far East who've been making the trek from to New York for the last several years.

We're also beginning to see an uptick in foot traffic which means the end of the intern season and the return of the grad/undergrad students to the Murray Hill area.  That's always a good sign.

In the meantime, over the last few weeks, we've had some fun times, several "hot mess moments" (both literally and figuratively), a couple of "bizarre instances" and the occasional celebrity sighting.   In a nutshell, while it wasn't the most exciting summer I've experienced, it wasn't the worst either.

Here are some photo highlights from the last few weeks.....

 This certifiable nutcase (see right) has been terrorizing the neighborhood for the past few months.  We first encountered him a while back when in the middle of the afternoon, he (high as a kite, mind you) staggered into the doorway of our bar, closed the front door and attempted to go to the bathroom in our doorway.  We chased him out, of course, but ever since then, he's been a literal menace to the neighborhood.  He often screams and curses at cab drivers, patrons, store keepers, etc.  To be honest, I am worried that he may actually hurt someone.  So if you happen to see him in your midsts, steer clear!

Hot mess moments... 

So as all eyes begin to look towards fall, let's enjoy the last few weeks of the summer together!

Thanks for your patience!


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