Chaos and tragedy took center stage in Midtown Manhattan this morning as a crazy incident took place four blocks away from our bar, outside of the Empire State Building.

Apparently, at around 9am, a disgruntled ex-employee of a woman's apparel company came back to his former place of employment, had words with his former boss and took him out with a shot to the head.  Then he engaged in a shootout with police, in the midst of a crowded scene of tourists and people trying to get to work.  In a sense, it was a clusterf*** of a scene.  Thankfully the police killed the gunman, but not without some injuries sustained by innocent bystanders (You can get the full story HERE).  My thoughts go out to all of the people who were affected by this senseless tragedy.

This echos my sentiment about how crazy and violent this summer has been in NYC.  I know our mayor keeps harping on how NYC is the safest major city in the country, but I gotta tell ya...  It sure doesn't feel like it.  And the crazy part about it is that this all took place a mere four blocks away.  Oy.

Meanwhile, life goes on.

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