So yesterday (or last night for us Americans), we witnessed the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games.  A celebration of the athletes, the fans and of course, everything British.  While not as elegant as the Opening Ceremony, this was more of a party-like atmosphere in which the Brits got one last opportunity to celebrate everything that was remotely British.  From music, to theatre to comedy, the tone was definitely British, which one would expect from a host country.

There were some entertaining aspects to the Closing Ceremonies, as well as some things that left me scratching my head.  For example, if you are bringing out the best musical talent that you country had to offer, how do you do that without having Adele make an appearance?  Or Elton John and/or The Rolling Stones? Yet we get pounded over the head with Jessie J and One Direction?  #Fail.  And if anyone could explain to me what that Brazil segment was all about near the end, I'm all ears.

Overall, I thought the London Games were great, despite NBCFail and their coverage.  And while they will trumpet the fact that their ratings were off-the-charts, it doesn't mean it was a good overall production.   Between the shoddy editing, horrid commercial placements, omission of certain segments from the Opening Ceremony and force-feeding viewers previews of horrid TV shows, the stuff we got from NBC vexed me to no end.  And in two years, we'll no doubt, have to deal with this again when the Winter Olympics move to Sochi, Russia. Yay.

In any case, great job by Team USA.  They fared well, leading the overall medal count as well as the gold medal count.  Lots of great individual storylines and I'm sure that NBC will have commemorative DVD in place for sale by the end of the week.

Now that the Olympics are over with, it's time to focus on NFL football.  This week is devoted to planning for the upcoming season and I, for one,  look forward to it with excitement!  Less than 30 days until Opening Week!

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