It's a crappy day today, with NYC looking more like London with all of the rain that coming down on us.  What a way to start the weekend, eh?

From what I'm hearing, we're supposed to get pelted with rain the rest of today, tonight and if we're lucky, the sun will return on Saturday afternoon.  At least you'll be able to salvage what's left of the weekend.

In the meantime, the NFL Pre-Season kicked in full gear last night with a slate of games that only fantasy football fans really cared about.  The locals (Jets, Giants) play tonight, as well as the Miami Dolphins.  That brings about its own set of issues.  The bar carries the NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows us to televise every REGULAR SEASON game.  It's a great thing to have if you are a football fan.

The one problem with the Sunday Ticket, is that the package doesn't include Pre-Season games.  So, for example,  if you are a fan of the Dolphins and you're used to coming here to watch the 'Fins,  during the regular season, it's a bit of a shock to the system when you ask for a pre-season game and we don't have it.  Every year we get grief for it.  Last night, for example, there were six NFL Pre-Season games on.  Of the six, we only had access to one (Green Bay vs San Diego).

Some hardcore fans get angry and accuse us of not being a real sports bar because we don't have their game.  The reality is that if we have access to the game, we'd show it.  Don't blame us- blame the NFL and DirecTV for their weird blackout rules.

*Sigh*...  Only 27 more days before the REAL season kicks off!

AND FINALLY: I've been asked why I haven't changed our blog title photo recently.  I figured that in honor of the London Olympics, I'd leave the photo with the flag up during the duration of the Games.  You'll see a new photo on Monday.

TONIGHT:  Start your weekend off with us during our "WEEKEND KICK-OFF" (5-9pm), with $4 domestic drafts, well drinks and sangria!  NY Jets & Giants, Mets & Yankees and the London Olympics highlight our sports action tonight!

See ya!

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