Every so often we get a flurry of activity involving individuals with what you might call "eccentric tendencies".  And whenever this happens, I usually attribute it to the "FULL MOON EFFECT", because this spike in weird happenings usually take place around then.  There's no scientific evidence that can back me up on this, mind you.  It just seems to always happen around this time.  And of course, yesterday was no exception.

It started out this week with the Olympic Lady.  This woman would stop by late night to watch the Olympics and then make herself so comfortable that she would eventually fall asleep.  She's been here every night this week and at this point, we look forward to seeing if she will continue her streak.

Then there was another lady who stopped by for a glass of wine after work.  After finishing her wine, she left the bar, only to be seen sitting on the sidewalk across the street.  Next thing you know, she's sleeping on the ground, startling pedestrians to the point where an ambulance was called to check on her.  She disappeared, only to reappear hours later,  as if nothing happened, looking to start the cycle all over again.  It was a "Groundhog's Day" moment.

Then you had the group of interns who were looking for any kind of deal they could find.  Which is understandable I guess, if you are an intern and working on a budget.  But when you start haggling over the price of the cheapest shots and offering to perform karaoke songs for free drinks, then it's time to move on.

Of course, there's always that one individual who's gotta cause problems because he can't understand why you won't let him into the bar, just after tossing his cookies in front of the bar and in front of the door guy.

Then there's the flurry of tourists with their own idiosyncrasies.  Between tipping practices, national pride due to the Olympic games, ID problems,  body odor issues, etc. there's always something that eventually raise an eyebrow or two.

At this point, you just roll with the flow and hope that you can get through the night with minimal collateral damage and your sanity intact.  And to be honest, you do get to see some priceless moments.  That being said, you take the good and the bad and make the best of it.  Bring on the FULL MOON MADNESS!

TONIGHT: Enjoy continuing coverage of the 2012 London Olympics all day/night!  Enjoy $5 Newcastle Pints during the afternoon events, followed by our "Weekend Kick-Off", featuring $4 domestic drafts, well drinks and sangria (5-9pm)!


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