Last night we hosted our weekly Pub Trivia soiree and it was fun-filled time on a number of levels.  The theme of the night was "puzzles" and if you can't wrap your head around what that would consist of, think of anything from brain teasers to word jumbles and that's what you had to deal with all night.  Personally, I suck at brain teasers, word jumbles and stuff like that, but the kids seem to get into it and at the end of the day, that's all that matters.

I also got to see my good friend and college mate, Becky, who's in town this week to coordinate this weekend's National Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walk in NYC.  She's a great friend with a big heart and I'm proud to see her take on such an undertaking for a great cause.

Congrats to "If I Were Anymore Inbred, I'd Be A Sandwich" for winning this week's competition and winning a spot in the Tournament of Champions final, which takes place in early October!

TONIGHT: Join us for our viewing party for the GIANTS vs PANTHERS (8pm)!  We'll air the game LIVE w/audio and offer up Corona/Corona Lt Buckets (5/$25) and $4 Coors Lt. pints during the game!

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