The past week saw a nice uptick in foot traffic, both in the bar and around the neighborhood.  School's back in session, vacations are more or less over for the summer and most importantly, we're back to football mode!  Mother Nature has been kind to us of late, so for all intent and purpose, it was a good week!

 Fireball shipment came in!

NYC's biggest One Direction fan

Leffe Brune finally available! 

DOLFANS NYC in the house! 

SUNDAY BREW CREW regulars enjoying a beautiful day! 

Overall, it was a pretty good week and a great weekend of football and fun times!  Something else of note happened during BREW CREW SUNDAY: During the course of a conversation I had with AFRIKA BAMBATTA, we both realized that we've been friends now for 20 years as of this Fall.  20 YEARS!  Who would have thought that I could have put up with his crazy ass for all these years?  But seriously, it's been a pleasure knowing this guy for all these years.  He's one of a kind, that's for sure.

This week should be even better, with the return of CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Group Stage matches, the NY Giants playing on Thursday night, our NOTRE DAME vs MICHIGAN Viewing Party on Saturday night and the big showdown between the Miami Dolphins & NY Jets on Sunday.  And it all starts tonight with Monday Night Football (Atlanta vs Denver)!

Looking forward to it!


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