Wednesday's NFL opener between the NY Giants and Dallas Cowboys was a rousing success for the bar, the league... and the Cowboys.  The only one who ended the night with sour faces were the NY Giants and their fans.  A shitty performance by the G-Men, on national TV at that.

Oh well, no need for panic.  It's a long season.  As for the bar, it was a good "dry run" for the staff, in anticipation for the "opening edition" of BREW CREW SUNDAYS.  The regulars are very anxious to stake their spots in the front corner of the bar, while the DOLFANS NYC crew are just as excited to take over the back of the bar to cheer on the Miami Dolphins.  It should be a hectic first Sunday and quite frankly, we wouldn't have it any other way.

In the meantime, we still have a full weekend ahead of us, with plenty of good things in store in the bar and around the city...Yankees/Orioles showdown for 1st place; NCAA Football on Saturday, The US Open finals, and of course, NFL Sunday. We'll carry all of it here and add even more fun to the equation: LIVE MUSIC this Saturday night with TJ FOX!

So rest up and get yourselves in gear! The Fall Season has begun!


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Floyd Mayweather seemed to enjoy Wednesday's football game ($200,000 wager on the Cowboys).

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