After a great Stanley Cup run, a thrilling NBA Championship series, and a long, hot summer filled with Euro Cup and London Olympics highlights... we can finally blow open the doors to a new NFL season!  And what better way to open up the season than to have the Super Bowl Champion NY Giants christen the year with an Opening Night matchup against their heated rival, the Dallas Cowboys?

We at Third and Long are looking forward to a 20th season of NFL Football Sundays (and 16th season of "Brew Crew Sundays" and Season #4 of the DOLFANS NYC)!  Not just because we get football back again after a long hiatus, but we get to see our dear friends get together again, each and every week!

So unpack your football gear, gather up the posse and let's get ready for some FOOTBALL!  The fun times begin TONIGHT (8pm) with the Giants vs the Cowboys (w/audio)! Giveaways throughout the night!  Let the debauchery begin!

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I don't know how you can stand all that teal in the bar.

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