It's Friday, October 5, and it is a balmy 80 degrees in New York City.  I had originally planned to knock out this post earlier today, but between running errands and to be honest, enjoying the sights and weather, I'm finally getting to it now.

As I was getting to this post, I came across a commercial for Google Chrome, featuring a young lady and her dad.  I'm not the sappiest guy by any stretch but I'll be dammed if it didn't tug at my heartstrings.  Dammit....

Damn you, Google.

Anyway, Columbus Day Weekend is here and that means that it's a long weekend for many of us.  Schools, most banks and government offices are closed on Monday, which means a great time to party or get away.  As for us, things are status quo as we continue to churn out the "Good, Pouring Fun" we're always known for.  There's a lot going on this weekend, in the city and at the bar.  For example:

FRI: Major League Baseball playoffs kick off this afternoon with the highly anticipated "Wild Card" game. (I say that with sarcasm, of course).  There's also live UFC fights airing on TV this evening, as well as Syracuse vs Pitt in College Football action.  Start the night off with our "Weekend Kick-Off" ($4 domestic drafts/well drinks, 5-9pm).

SAT: There's a TON of EPL soccer and college football action ALL DAY Saturday! Start the day with "Kick the Keg Saturdays" ($2 domestic drafts, 12-7pm)!

SUN: The NFL takes over the bar with a full slate of NFL games! We're also home of the DOLFANS NYC Club and they will be here in full force to cheer on the Dolphins vs Bengals (1pm)!  We carry the NFL Sunday Ticket and will air other games as well, including the Giants vs Browns!  And of course, we'll air the NY Yankees playoff game!

So as you can see, there's a lot in store for you here this weekend!  Great drink specials all weekend long and your happy crew of bartenders to help keep your spirits up!  It should be a great weekend and you never know who you'll run into!  Hope to see you here!

In the meantime, I have to get back to the grind and get ready for the weekend!


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