This past weekend was a unique one by most standards.  While you had your share of fun events like Halloween parties, football games and other important landmark events (like my birthday) all of this was overshadowed by the anticipation of a mega-hurricane by the name of Sandy.

All weekend, the weather pundits were talking about how this particular hurricane had the makings of "The Perfect Storm", with snow, rain, sleet, winds and everything from Aquaman to Spongebob Squarepants emerging from the depths of the ocean seas to engulf the island of Manhattan.

At first, the storm was supposed to hit us on Sunday afternoon... then Sunday evening... By the time I'd left the bar at about 2am on Sunday night/Monday morning, there was not a single drop of rain.  So far, Sandy was a no-show.  However, as of this afternoon, we finally began to see signs of Sandy's presence by way of rain, fallen leaves and an uptick of wind.  The low-lying areas around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens were experiencing large waves and flooding roads and streets.  Parts of the city were being evacuated.  Perhaps we're finally going to get to see what the big hullabaloo was all about.

In all seriousness, I knew this was going to be something major, if they were already canceling flights on Friday.  I had to postpone my birthday trip to Montreal because I didn't want to take a chance on not being able to get back to NYC by Monday.  I also looked into making a surprise trip to Cleveland to visit the family but again, I would have been screwed trying to come back.  Turns out it was a wise move.  I have friends who flew out to S.F. over the weekend and are now stuck out west until Thursday, thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

In the meantime, while we waited for the arrival of the big lady, we went on with our lives.  Saturday night was a big night for Halloween parties and there were plenty of interesting costumes and characters strolling around.  This was the first Halloween in quite a long time that I didn't participate in, because I had to wake up extra early the next day.  Why did I have to wake up so early?  Because the Miami Dolphins were scheduled to play the NY Jets that day.  And the DOLFANS NYC club were meeting at the bar at 8am for a pre-game tailgate trip to MetLife Stadium for the game.

So here I am at the bar at 7am with my crack staff, prepping the bar, slicing bagels and helping to organize things for about 100 Miami Dolphins fanatics, anxious to go to their big game.  That started what would be a l-o-n-g birthday work day for me.  The group surprised me with a birthday serenade and a cool card signed by everyone, which was pretty nice.  Once they left, we had a couple of hours to regroup before opening up for the day.

The afternoon games kicked off and it was a pretty relaxing afternoon for football fans at the bar.  I had a bet with SAN DIEGO SUPERCHARGER FAN that my Cleveland Browns would beat her Chargers.  If my team won, I would get to smash her specially carved San Diego Chargers pumpkin.  The Browns won the game 7-6, and yours truly took great delight in collecting his bet!

In the meantime, the Miami Dolphins DESTROYED the NY Jets and the DOLFANS NYC crew came back to the bar in great spirits.  As it turned out, they had a great day overall.  During their tailgate at the stadium, they were visited by the owner of the team, some ex players and yes, even FERGIE of the BLACK EYED PEAS! 

So it was a good day for Dolphins fans in NYC, or it would appear!

The rest of the night consisted of tourists, sports fans and individuals anxiously awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, who unfortunately never made it to the party by the time we closed up shop.  Just like a woman to be fashionably late for to her own party....  Oh well.

In the meantime, as we "anxiously" await the arrival of the main guest of the party, we'll serve up some cold ones for a few hours (or until SANDY shuts us down)!

Cheers and be safe out there!

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