It was a bye week for the Miami Dolphins and the DOLFANS NYC, so the longtime Sunday Brew Crew regulars took advantage of the hiatus and declared it "BREW CREW TAKEOVER SUNDAY".      With the "takeover", they got to stretch their legs a bit and enjoy different games on every TV for a change.  We also got a large contingent of bike enthusiasts who participated in the Bike MS NYC tour earlier in the day.  Add to that a couple of nail-biting games and it made for a pretty busy, yet fun day.

Look who made it back from purgatory!  And of course, he's immediately harassed by the po-po!  like they always say: You can't keep a good man down! 

It took four tries, but we finally got the yearly Sunday Brew Crew photo done!

 Not sure how this ended up in the bar....

Of course a day like today isn't without its share of problems.  Had a little soda machine problem, right in the middle of the Jets/Pats game.  Yours truly trying to resolve the situation... *facepalm*  (finally got it resolved though).

Talk about fantastic finishes!  Between the Jets/Pats game, the Giants/Redskins game, the Titans/Bills game and the Raiders/Jags games, there were enough drama to make the Real Housewives of New Jersey jealous!  Definitely a lot of sports talk around the water cooler today.

All in all, it was a great day.  A LONG day, mind you, but a fun day.  This leads to a fun, yet busy week at the bar.  Upcoming events include:  Game 7 of the NLCS tonight and the start of the World Series on Wednesday; Monday Night Football (Chicago vs Detroit), Champions League soccer (Tues/Wed afternoon), Europa League soccer (Thurs/Fri afternoon), Thursday Night NFL football (Tampa Bay vs Minnesota), in which we'll be raffling off tickets for the upcoming NY Jets vs Miami Dolphins game.  Then you have the start of the Halloween celebrations that will last throughout the weekend.

So as you can see, there's a lot on the plate here at Third and Long this week.  Check out our website for upcoming events and drink specials each and every day!


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