Our Pub Trivia "Tournament of Champions" took place last night and we had a raucous crowd in attendance to what turned out to be a closely-fought battle.  Eight teams were in the running to be crowned "Top Dog" of Pub Trivia and they took the competition very seriously.  There was some pretty interesting banter going on between certain teams, and other teams took the competition so seriously that I thought I would have had to prescribe some valium to calm some folks down.

Here are some highlights:

At the end of the night, it was "Team Kofi Annan" who came out on top, winning the "Tournament of Champions", and rightfully claiming the spot of "Top Dog" of Pub Trivia here at Third and Long!

Fun times indeed!  And interestingly enough, while there were some teams bantering back and forth with one another during the competition, there were also a couple of "hook-ups" later in the evening from some of the various teams.  Can we say "Sleeping With the Enemy"?  

Join us next Wednesday for another fun-filled edition of Pub Trivia!

TODAY:  YANKEES vs TIGERS (4pm), followed by 49ers vs SEAHAWKS and CARDS vs GIANTS on tap today after work. Enjoy Corona/Corona Lt. Buckets (5/$25) or $4 Coors Lt. pints from 5pm - 11pm!


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