We find ourselves in the midst of the last-go-round of office holiday parties as I expect a mass exodus out of the city this weekend.  How do I know this to be true?  Empty bars during the early part of the night, then the sudden hit of drunken suits stumbling about, looking for the "after-party".  As we hit "Hump Day", I expect to see even more of this phenomenon to continue up until Friday night.

Speaking of Friday night, if the Mayans have their way, the world is supposed to end.  So to celebrate (?), we're stocking up on LA FIN DU MONDE ("The End of the World") beer (at a whopping 9% ABV, you'll feel like it's the end of the world alright), and FIREBALL WHISKY.

Hey, if the shit's going to hit the fan, we may as well go out in style, right?    I'm sure there will be plenty of bad decisions being made that night!  And hey, if the world's not ending, then there will be plenty of great stories to share on Saturday, eh?  And if the world does end?   No more breakup songs from Taylor Swift!

AND FINALLY:  Tonight is our Christmas-Themed PUB TRIVIA NIGHT! It's also our last Pub Trivia event of 2012.  As always, it's free to play and there are a lot of great prizes up for grabs, including a $45 bar tab for the winning team!

So gather up the posse and join us for what is always a great time!  And get here early as tables fill up quickly!


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