So... as of 1:45pm Eastern time, I look out my window and the tall buildings in Manhattan are still intact and folks are scurrying about, luggage and packages in tow, as the Christmas rush home begins.  It's safe to say that the world hasn't ended... yet.

That being said, we still plan on partying tonight as if the world's ending.  Why not?  It's an extra long weekend (Christmas Eve/Day), and we're fully stocked with La Fin Du MondeFireball Whisky, and Mercy (for hangover purposes).  So if you're in town tonight and were ready to spend the last night on earth  with a bucket list of things you wanted to check off, then bring that list and make it happen!  Because we plan on doing the same thing!

And if/when the next day comes and we find ourselves somewhat disappointed at the fact that we're still here, then sleep it off and get ready to enjoy the Christmas holidays with your family and friends.  The Mayans be dammed!

In closing, on behalf of the staff of Third and Long, we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to ringing in the New Year with you when you return!  To help get you into the spirit of the Christmas season, here's a cute update of a holiday classic, made by two of my favorite Canadians, @msalisonpill and @baruchelNDG:


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