“Sunday Sammiches" will be back at Third and Long this Sunday, 12/16!

 Two featured sandwiches will be made to order and available for purchase (and ready for rapid consumption) at the back of the bar:

1.)    “The Poketta” (from last week) – a fennel pollen-dusted slow roasted pork shoulder topped with arugula dressed with Meyer lemon juice.

2.)    “The Baaadwich”  (yes, it’s lamb) – a cumin-crusted roasted shoulder of lamb, topped with a tangy dill cucumber yogurt sauce.

Also, for the first time, each Sunday Sammich will be also available in a SLIDER size!

The sandwiches are made with the help of students at the NYC Food and Finance High School and the bread is baked by the Hot Bread Kitchen, a Spanish Harlem-based culinary incubator that nurtures food businesses started by immigrants.

Supplies will be limited.  Please be sure to come by and help a tasty sammich find a home in your belly!!”

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