Sunday, January 20th is better known as NFL CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY, (San Francisco vs Atlanta, Baltimore vs New England).  While we expect to see two great games on that day, it is also going to be a fun day for another reason:


For years, we've listened to patrons brag about their culinary skills, with some of them even bringing in samples of their talents from time to time.  So we've decided to put forth the challenge to all of you self-professed chefs in the making.  Create the ultimate chili and claim the title of Chili King (or Queen) of Third and Long!  

Here are the details:

DATE: Sunday, January 20th, 2013

TIME: During the NFC Championship Game (3ish pm)

ENTRY: Entries are limited to the FIRST TEN ENTRIES! First come, First Serve!  Deadline for entry- Friday, January 18th (unless we fill up all slots).  FREE TO ENTER and each participant will receive a $25 bar tab just for entering!

RULES:  To enter the CHILI COOK-OFF, you must SIGN UP at the bar!  We are only accepting a maximum of 10 entries, so you can call (212).447.5711, email (thirdandlongnyc@gmail.com) or stop by in person to claim an entry.

- Entrants must pick up an "official" Chili Cook-Off tray from the bar on Friday, 1/18/13.  Each tray is identical in size and will be the only tray that we will accept for your batch of chili.

CHILI is what you deem it to be.  (beans, no beans, beef, turkey, ground chuck, etc., it's your call how you want to make it.) We want your best stuff, so make it as you see fit.  All we ask is that you make enough to fill the provided tray.

- Your CHILI must be here by the start of the first game (3pm).  We will heat the chili for you and provide sour cream, shredded cheese, and other "fixins".  We will allow the public to sample all of the entries by the end of the first game.

- Each patron will receive two (2) voting tickets upon their first purchase.  Then you get to sample all of the chili entries.  After sampling the chili entries, use your two voting tickets to choose what you deem to be the two best entries of the lot.

- After the votes are compiled, we will determine a winner from all of the chili entries.  If there is a tie, a three judge panel will hold a separate tasting and cast votes to determine a winner.  

GREAT PRIZES lined up for the winning entry!  So if you think your chili recipe is the stuff of legends, here's your chance to show us what you got!


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