The last few days our fair city has been caught in a deep freeze of sorts, with the temps hovering in the teens.  For New Yorkers, this is crippling as we aren't used to this kind of cold weather, even in the winter.  So it was encouraging to see people come out the last few nights, whether it be for Pub Trivia on Tuesday, or in the case of last night, to watch the NY Rangers face off against the rival Boston Bruins.

And for those individuals who braved the harsh elements and showed up for the game, they weren't disappointed.  They got a great game, filled with intense hits, timely saves and a masterful performance from NY Ranger Marion Gaborik, who scored a hat-trick, including a game winning goal in OT.  What was more impressive (for me anyways), was the number of "puck bunnies" in the house!  I always say, nothing sexier than a chick who loves hockey!

So, while we are expected to face more deep-freeze days for the foreseeable future, it's great to see that dedicated individuals are still willing to venture out to see their favorite teams.  Good stuff!  We also want to thank HARPOON BREWERY and LONG IRELAND BREWING CO. for supporting last night's Viewing Party!

TONIGHT: Join us for "Thirsty Thursdays", featuring $4 Molson/Coors Light drafts and $5 flavored vodka drinks (5-10pm)!  Sports on tap include: NY Rangers vs Philadelphia Flyers, Montreal Canadiens vs Washington Capitals, NY Islanders vs Toronto Maple Leafs (7pm), NY Knicks vs Boston Celtics (8pm) plus all late West Coast games!

Bundle up & we'll see you tonight!


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Anonymous said...

So you tease us with "puck bunnies" and you don't give us any pictures? The one and only way I might be swayed to hockey and you leave me hanging...

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