It's Super Bowl Week and as the sports world descend on the city of New Orleans, get ready to hear report after report on anything remotely related to the Big Game between San Francisco and Baltimore. This will range from the obvious pieces (Brother vs Brother, Ray Lewis' final game, Colin Kapernick, etc.), to some feel good stories here and there and of course, the sublime (there's always a few odd stories that pop up during this time).

Then of course, there will be the crazy bets that exist for the Big Game.  With Las Vegas being the place where you can bet on almost anything, you can expect to see some far-fetched bets taking place before and during the Big Game.  There will be bets on things such as the coin-flip, whether or not there will be a safety; will there be a scoreless quarter; will a specific player score a touchdown or make an interception;  There is even a bet on the number of times Ray Lewis will mention "God/Lord" during a pre/post game interview (the over/under is currently 3 times).
Crazy stuff.

(Martin Rose)
My favorite exotic wager, however, is always the National Anthem bet, in which you have to guess whether or not the singer finishes the Anthem above/below a set time.  This year, the person with that task is Alicia Keys, and the time to match is 2 minutes, 15 seconds. Now doll baby can be a bit long-winded at times when she sings, so this is an interesting bet to say the least.  Check out some the other odd Super Bowl Prop Bets HERE...

In any case, even though there won't be any local teams involved in this year's BIG GAME, the matchup is still intriguing enough to make you want to watch the game.  And for that reason we're expecting a good crowd for the game on Sunday.  Kickoff is a little after six pm, but we expect the bar to start filling up before then.

If you are interested in joining us for the BIG GAME, then check out what we have to offer:

It should be a great evening of football!


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