With St. Patrick's Day finally behind us, all attention is turned towards Thursday and the official start of MARCH MADNESS, also known as the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.  Between now and tip-off at 12pm on Thursday, millions of people will be filling out their tournament brackets with the hopes of coming up with the ideal combination to win their pools.  Office production can expect to come to a complete crawl on Thursday and Friday as employees take that "long lunch" or in some cases, take the day off so that they can enjoy the games.

March Madness is one of the unique sporting events of the year.  It's college basketball, where both favorites and underdogs are embraced.  Everything moves quickly in this tournament- We start Thursday with 64 teams and by the end of the weekend, we're already down to 16 teams.  Things change that quickly and that's what's great about it.  Win, and you move on.  Lose and the miracle balloon pops and your season is over.

We particularly love this time of year because, with the tournament it's our unofficial start of Spring.  Having a bar filled with office suits, eating lunch and watching all of the games brings such a thrill that you simply cannot describe.  And if one of the games turn out to be a buzzer-beater, that's even better.
We always offer up a special deal for March Madness (this year it's $4 Coors Light/Sam Adams pints for ALL March Madness games), and hopefully one of our own comes out lucky in their office pools.

We kick off March Madness at Third and Long with a "March Madness"-themed Pub Trivia Night tonight (8pm)!  Free to play, with some sweet swag up for grabs, including a $45 bar tab!

Otherwise, join us bright and early on Thursday, where we will air each and every NCAA March Madness game! Good luck with your brackets and we'll see you soon!


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