Today is Opening Day in Major League Baseball and that is yet another tell-tale sign that Spring has arrived.  Every baseball fan in America looks forward to this day with hopes that this is the year that their favorite team makes it to the World Series.

(photo: Bronx News 12)

Fans of the NY Mets and NY Yankees are particularly gung-ho about their team's chances year-in and year-out; Yankee fans expect to be in the playoffs while Met fans...well, let's just say they look for that "special season".  In reality, this particular season should be interesting as both teams aren't expected to do well, at least according to the "experts".  The Mets are too young and the Yankees are too old.  Fans of both teams may disagree with the experts, but then again, the experts are called that for a reason.

One unusual thing about this year's Opening Day: Both the NY Yankees and the NY Mets are hosting their home openers on the same day... at the SAME TIME!  When was the last time that happened?  Just another sign that the luster of the New York teams may have worn off a bit in what is expected to be a down year for both teams.

I guess Chicago Cubs great Ernie Banks said it best regarding today's openers: "It's a great day for a ball game; let's play two!"  

In the meantime, we're serving up $4 Brooklyn Pennant Ale pints in honor of Opening Day and carrying both games. So if you are a fan of the NY Yankees or Mets and don't have a ticket, you can catch the games with us!  Or join us after the game as we switch gears for a full night of NHL hockey, with all of the locals (Rangers, Islanders & Devils) and the Habs taking the ice for some pivotal playoff-affecting games!

Batter up!


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