In my previous post I warned everyone about the upcoming heatwave.  Well folks, it's here.  And it's brutal.  Put it this way- you know you're in a heatwave when you find yourself sweating within five minutes of stepping out of the shower.  It's that hot.

Usually when we have one of these heatwaves, I immediately begin to panic.  Will the AC handle this heat?  Will our ice machine break down? All kinds of weird things tend to happen when we encounter a heatwave.  And that's just at the bar- I'm not even counting how weather like this make folks wacky. Then again, here's one positive aspect of a heatwave:

(Courtesy: NY Daily News)

I am happy to report, however, that we are holding up nicely (so far).  Our AC system had its maintenance checkup just before the heatwave hit, and it's pumping out cold air nicely.  Ice machine's cranking out cubes like a champ.  Everything's working up to snuff and I couldn't be happier.  And more importantly, my patrons couldn't be happier.

So, hang in there folks,   just a couple more days of this oppressive heat and Mother Nature should cut us a break.  In the meantime, drink plenty of fluids, wear light clothing and if you can't stand being in your hot apartment, you know where to go!  We'll keep a couple of cold ones on ice for ya!

TONIGHT: "Weekend Kick-Off Happy Hour" (5pm-9pm).  Start your weekend off on the right foot with $4 domestic drafts, well drinks or sangria!  A perfect alternative to sitting in Hamptons/Jersey Shore traffic.  Look forward to having you!


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